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is so good 

At Frico, our mission is to deliver the best milk

The best cheese comes from the best milk. And the best milk comes from the best cows in Holland. Our milk is delivered fresh before undergoing a series of quality control checks – an essential step for crafting our famous all-natural cheese.

Brought with love and care by our farmers 

Our farmers tend to their Friesian cows like members of the family. A special relationship is established and every farmer is fully committed to the health and happiness of each milk-producing cow.

We are proud to produce the best cheese

Every cheese is crafted with the care of an artisan, with no additives used. From pasteurization to pressing to pickling, each step requires the utmost dedication to quality and consistency.

With craftsmanship designed

for quality and taste

With craftsmanship designed

for quality and taste

Cheese gets its unique flavor and aroma from a combination of starter culture and rennet.  A process called ripening imparts flavor and transforms curd into cheese. Our cheese is naturally aged to perfection on wooden shelves that absorb moisture, ensuring the highest quality.

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Our expert cheesecrafters have produced a wide range of all­-natural cheese for your enjoyment. From savory Edam to creamy Gouda, we have the right cheese for every taste.

Edam Mild ball 1.9 kg
Gouda Mild Wheel 4.5kg
Selection Gouda Holland Cumin
Red Hot Dutch slices 150g
Maasdam wheel 13kg

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